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I'm a girl gamer. And I don't tolerate crap. Don't PM me if you just want to flame or spam me. Thanks. No I don't upload stuff, I just watch and rate. Problem? Okay then.

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Death Camps

2007-09-14 07:56:48 by 1Housefan

From that day forward rearmament was stepped up one hundred percent, there was no use in hiding it anymore. And from that day forward Elese spent less and less time at home and more time at the headquarters where she was assistant and advisor to both Hitler and Himmler. It almost seemed like Hitler had her on the weekdays and Himmler had her on the weekends, and sometimes they'd switch like a divorced couple with partial custody over their child. With American papers Henri Streiser was placed in England where he could spy on English war preparations and report back weekly. For the time being the dreaded war with Great Britain was in fact a Cold War, neither side's military forces had seen either hair or hind of the enemy.

The British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made an agreement with Germany that handed over the Sudetenland to Germany and returned to England 'triumphantly' proclaiming "Peace in our times." When Germany invaded yet another country (Poland) to add to the Reich Prime Minister Chamberlain was shamed out of office and the Bulldog, Winston Churchill took his place.

"Herr Churchill seems to be a likeable enough guy," Elese commented as she read an English newspaper, brushing up on her English of course. "Ja, likeable and stubborn," Hitler grumbled. "He's not a fool or a pushover like Chamberlain was."

"Not as likeable as you of course sir," Elese said. Hitler frowned a little bit. "True," he conceded. She turned the page and tilted her head a little bit. "Henri's been to court," she murmured. "What?!" Hitler said sharply. "He was testifying against a supposed Italian spy," she explained. She laid the newspaper on the table and smoothed it out. Both Hitler and Elese read the article. "Good...that'll bring him even further away from any kind of suspicion that he himself is a spy," Hitler murmured.

"Oh, speaking of which sir, Henri sent this the other day. Had the boys decrypt it," she said, pulling a letter out of her jacket and handing it over. He nodded and unfolded the letter, reading it over. "Good, good. Things are certainly going well. He's been visiting some of the RAF airfields," Hitler said, smiling. Elese was glad to see the Fuhrer smiling.

"Well look at that, the US doesn't want to get involved. They've declared neutrality," Elese murmured. "Yes, Carl has already reported that," Hitler waved off the news. "Sir, are we going to completely take over Poland soon?" asked Elese. "Yes," Hitler responded simply. Elese nodded and turned the page. She finally got bored of reading English advertisements so she folded the paper back up and got to her feet.

"Where are you off to?" asked Hitler. She paused and turned back around. "I...well, I had an appointment with my father and mother. I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks," she explained. He nodded and picked up the paper. "Go on then and have fun. Tell your father I said hello."

"Yes sir I will. Thank you mein Führer!" she said and saluted. He nodded to her again and opened the paper. Elese left the room and headed home.

"How was work?" asked Allison. "Fine. You ready to go meet my parents?" Elese smirked. "Oh yes!" Allison said in an overenthusiastic tone. Elese rolled her eyes a little bit. "Ha ha ha," she said sarcastically. "You know the cover story we made. Reichsfuhrer Himmler encourages SS officers to be in sturdy relationships. So, to keep with those orders and to make it look like I really am a male SS officer I'm bringing you home to meet mom and dad," Elese said patiently. "Yes, yes I got it," Allison said. "Good. It's all about fooling the public and the military," Elese said. Allison nodded a little and sighed.

Elese picked up her suitcase and smiled a little. "We'll be there the entire weekend," Elese told her lover. Allison nodded to her and picked up her own suitcase and led the way to the car outside. Elese stuffed her suitcase in the trunk and then got into the car. "How come you get to drive?" Allison whined. "Because I know the way," Elese replied with a smirk. Allison sighed and nodded, getting comfortable in the passenger side of the car. "You can drive on the way back," Elese told the other woman, starting the car. "Sounds okay to me," Allison said, placated.

Elese began to drive, getting on the autobahn. Her parents were about five hours out of Berlin.
"How much longer?" Allison whined. "Oh quit that. You're not eight years old anymore. We've got about two hours left," Elese said. Allison pouted lightly. "I'm bored," Allison complained. "Then read a book," Elese smirked. "The only reading material is the map and Mein Kampf," Allison whined. "Then read Mein Kampf," Elese chuckled. "I've read it five times. I don't care what people say, books do not change each time you read it," Allison said, rolling her eyes. "Careful, that's the Führer's book you're talking about," Elese warned. "I know, I know. But it gets boring after a while you know? I don't think anyone has read it more than five times!" Allison said, huffing.

Elese laughed as she got off the autobahn. "Then read the map," Elese said. "It's boring!" Allison huffed. Elese sighed and shook her head. "Then do nothing and like it," Elese smirked. Allison folded her arms across her chest and leaned back, sighing. Elese leaned back in her own seat as she came to a stop light.

"What time is it?" Elese asked. Allison glanced at her watch. "Five o'clock," Allison said. "We'll be there in time for dinner. Mum cooks the best meals," Elese smiled. "Every child says that about their mother's meals," Allison rolled her eyes. "Yeah but even Herr Himmler has said she has wonderful meals," Elese smirked. "Oh and we all know he has good taste," Allison teased. "Hey, he brought me into the folds of the SS as it were," Elese pouted. "Oh yes dear, I know," Allison said, patting the other woman's hand.